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Talking Trees is an initiative by Dutch performance artist and entrepreneur Bert Barten. It all started with the question whether trees can lie. Connecting a lie detector to a tree he discovered pulses which can be transformed into music through synthesizers.


Talking Trees is a world-wide collaboration between artists, scientists, musicians, university's, businesses, engineers, audiences, nature-lovers and many more. All on the same mission to share the experience of our one-on-one connection with nature.

We represent the legal ownership of the musical copyrights and distribute the value back in the wood wide web. The aim of the game is planting 5.000.000 trees the coming 5 years


Donate a tree today to help the battle against climate change, support the Talking Trees Orchestra and give nature a voice.

Latest events

Keep track of what we've been doing and where to join us in future events. Follow us online and offline.


Talking Trees works on the verge of art, science and nature. Scientific data from nature is used to produce art. The reach of these projects is then again used to support nature. Thus coming to full circle.


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