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There are several Talking Trees albums. You can find them online on Spotify and on Soundcloud. Or order the albums in our webshop.


Many other musical output is only experienced at live events either online or offline. This is where the orchestra interacts live with the trees and each other. So make sure you also check our events and visit us!

The Talking Trees Orchestra is an ever growing cooperation of enthousiast creatives involved to give a voice to the Talking Trees movement. In this Tribe of artists the boundaries between genres and art forms are blurred. Interplay is the base of our connection with each other and with the trees. The artists act as an interface between nature and performance.


The output of the Orchestra therefore knows many styles and forms ranging from ambient, dance and classical music to performance art and installations.


Electronic artists

  • Talking Trees Ambient:

Scot Gresham-Lancaster 

Hans Aalbers 

Floris Kolvenbach

Thijs Lodewijk


  • Talking Trees Electronic Chamber Orchestra

Mark Tuinstra

Stefan Kruger

Alex Oele

Pieter Nooten

DJ Dimitri


Acoustic artists